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Please arrive 5 to 10 minutes before your scheduled appointment to ensure that you are in a relaxed state prior to your massage. After completing the required health form and discussing the origin of your problem, you will be asked to undress to expose the areas that need attention. Although at first quite relaxing and gentle, the massage may become more painful as the problem areas are identified. You will probably feel a sense of release and diminishing pain as the work progresses. It is entirely up to you how deep the treatment is and please feel free to let us know if at any time it becomes uncomfortable or you would like the treatment to be firmer, deeper and harder.

Some people choose to talk as they are being massaged and others are silent, preferring to simply enjoy the relaxing sensations. The choice is yours. We will not be offended by your decision as it is your massage!

If you are dissatisfied with any aspect of your massage then we will refund your massage, unconditionally.

If at any time during the massage you feel uncomfortable or in pain, please do not hesitate to convey your feelings to the therapist as we value your feedback and want you to enjoy the massage as much as possible. After the massage you may feel a little tender although this should disappear with 24-48 hours. After that you should notice considerable relief of your problem, though for how long and how much will depend on how long you have had the problem and how serious it is, as well as your general health. After each subsequent treatment you should experience relief for a longer period of time, until the pain or restriction disappears. At that point one or two further treatments are recommended to ensure that all the tension is removed so that the problem does not reoccur.

You may feel light-headed after the treatment for up to 12 hours, due to the increased blood flow away from the brain to areas being massaged. We encourage you to drink as much water as possible over the next 24 hours to help the body's healing processes. Alcohol consumption should be minimal after a massage as there may be an increase in it's effect on the body.

When is an hour not an hour?
Ever had a massage where you felt ripped off over time. You've paid for an hour's massage but by the time the therapist has taken your details + left you while you undress and dress before and after the massage, you've only ended up with about 45 minutes of bodywork? So much for an hour's massage! We at Maroubra Dynamic Physiotherapy believe that if you pay for an hour's massage then that is what you should get. Record taking, etc is not included. By staggering our appointments, we can guarantee that as long as you arrive at your scheduled time then you will be massaged for the time that you have paid for.

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